Paris Hilton suing a website displays pornographic tape of her and her boyfriend

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Saraya - Paris Hilton's reality TV star and is one of the biggest stars of the most controversial , sued a pornographic website Slovenia because of a sex tape expose him to it, a bar had his image in 2001 , accompanied by her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon , who revealed about the movie in 2003, according to the website "TMZ".

Paris said that this film, which he described as " notorious " , is the biggest mistake for her, and it is the most embarrassing thing in her life at all, but unfortunately you can not erase the past.

She Paris , saying it does not aim to blackmail the site of pornography sued him , but you hate to reap money from the people behind it that way, " phlegmatic and bad " , and also hate to have this tape is the reason for her fame .