Steven Hirsch Talks Passing on Paris Hilton's Sex Tape

djvlad · 22,871 views - Steven Hirsch shares why he passed on Paris Hilton's sex tape, revealing that he didn't believe he could get the proper sign-offs from the parties involved. In hindsight, he says not moving forward with the Hilton tape was a regrettable decision.

Hirch then details some of the bigger sex tapes his company has landed, including one allegedly featuring late rock god Jimi Hendrix. The Vivid Entertainment CEO reveals that the Hendrix estate insisted it wasn't the legendary rocker in the film, leading Hirsch to offer them $100,000 to prove their claim. Steven says he never heard from them again, which seemed to imply that the person on the tape may actually be Jimi.

Moving on, the porn magnate recalls the surge of celebrity sex tapes he received between Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham, but due to confidentiality agreements, he couldn't tell us who is featured on the tapes. Hirsch also names unbelievable celebrities who he would love to get sex tapes from, including Brangelina and Kate Middleton.